RotaDyne was founded as Ideal Roller

RotaDyne is one of the largest manufacturers of printing rollers, rubber rollers, and related products for Industrial and Printing applications in the world.  Since our founding in 1908, RotaDyne has grown into a company of more than 36 locations, serving diverse markets around the world.

RotaDyne has capabilities that are both deep and broad, producing a diverse range of product in our facilities including:

  • Rubber covered rollers for most graphic arts and industrial applications
  • Chrome, teflon, copper, and nylon coated rollers
  • Oscillating rollers (friction or air driven)
  • Proprietary and custom rubber compounds
  • High-quality roller cores and shafts
  • Engraved rotogravure cylinders
  • Electro static assist systems for printing
  • Composite sleeves
  • Precision rotational components and assemblies for the office imaging and digital printing markets
  • Formulated and proprietary mixed elastomer molded products
  • Custom engineering projects

RotaDyne is one of only a few companies that can control all phases of roller manufacturing.  From designing and manufacturing cores, custom mixing rubber compounds, covering rollers, to delivery, RotaDyne has all the phases covered.

RotaDyne is committed to developing, producing, and supplying quality products and services, while achieving leadership in all markets served.  RotaDyne’s quality systems are developed by each operating division to ensure the quality and service expectations of our customers are exceeded. RotaDyne’s ISO 9001:2008 Certification ensures that the exacting standards and performance requirements of our customers are exceeded in all areas.

RotaDyne is a founding member of the Global Roller Technology Group along with Katsura and Mitex.  GRTG companies have pooled resources to provide products, services, and technical support for customers around the world.  Together, GRTG comprises more than 55 production facilities in all continents with more than 2000 employees.

Our 10 R&D facilities have teamed up to bring you cutting-edge new products and product enhancements faster than any other roller suppliers in the world.  We can also facilitate the procurement function for global customers.   We provide the highest standards of excellence, while ensuring product availability throughout all production facilities world-wide.
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