Langston Type "Q" Multi-Color Press
From our founding in 1908, RotaDyne has maintained a strong working relationship with the corrugated industry.  We can handle every requirement from manufacturing new rollers to recovering and repairing older rollers.

From yesterday’s letterpress technology to today’s new multi-color flexographic presses, we have an elastomer covering to perform to your industry’s demanding standards.  Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities continually strive to improve roller manufacturing techniques while our fleet of trucks insures on-time deliveries.

Wiper rolls are available in sizes up to 213″ (541cm) in length and 36″ (91.44cm) in diameter

Infeed rolls are available in standard single durometer or newer dual durometer configurations.  Newer dual durometer rolls offer a softer feed roll, also referred to as a non-crush roll, and still provide stability that a finned infeed roll cannot.

Need something specific? We customize.

Rollers built to your specification, custom compounded elastomers, decorative design, CNC machining, and more.  See how we are the perfect fit for your business.

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