Our patented AirFlex® oscillating rider roller reduces streaks from water and inks by erasing the memory of the print image from the dampener form roller, reducing your printed waste.  AirFlex® rollers have adjustable pneumatic speed control, with an air-driven oscillation stroke of 0.75″ (1.905cm). Each roller is a self-contained unit requiring no maintenance.   The hard chrome shafting and sealed radial bearings mean that this roller will have a long, maintenance-free life in your press.  AirFlex® rollers are covered with our proprietary Nylo-Lyth™ 77A hard nylon compound that eliminates glazing, poor ink transfer, and stripping while being impervious to the harsh chemicals it will encounter in your press.

AirFlex® improves your print quality with these key benefits:

  • Eliminates the ink build-up on dampener form rollers in the image areas that causes ink piling.
  • Reduces water banding around the plate cylinder.
  • Reduces the need for isopropyl alcohol.
  • Breaks up and dissipates water build-up accumulated in the plate cylinder gap.
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