Electrostatic Assist

The RotaDyne Direct Charge Electrostatic Assist (ESA) System offers many significant advantages to the gravure printer and coater.  Our PS2400 power supply, RBC88 direct charge rotary contact, and single-layer ESA impression roller covering come together to offer better ESA control, longer impression roller life, greater simplicity, and lower maintenance than conventional corona or paddle ESA systems.

Conventional systems can require as much as one hour maintenance per week for every print unit.  Our RBC88 rotary contact requires as little as 1 hour per year per unit.  Direct application of the electrostatic charge through the center of the impression roller or sleeve eliminates the time consuming need to repeatedly adjust and clean paddles or corona bars.  Furthermore, electrical dependence on the condition of the roller’s surface is practically eliminated, meaning increased time between regrinds.

The RBC88 rotary contact takes direct charge one step further by ensuring that the quality of the electrical connection between the power supply and impression roller simply does not degrade over time.  Sealed from the operating environment, the electrostatic charge passes through the sealed rotary contact directly to the center of the core or sleeve, not through bearings, air gaps, or a glazed roller surface.  For you, this efficient charge transfer equates to improved, repeatable print quality at significantly lower voltages for longer periods of time.

Capable of running at lower, safer voltages (2400VDC versus as much as 30,000VDC in a corona system) the RotaDyne ESA Direct Charge System easier on your press personnel as well as the impression roller.  Our system eliminates the unwanted ozone and electromagnetic radiation byproducts of conventional systems.  This means that you have no worries about surface damage due to ozone attack or surface striping due to paddle wear yielding as much as a 200% increase in total impression counts and twice the number of regrinds.

With our system, you receive a turnkey package including all the major components required for ESA along with the experience and support to back it.  As a single supplier for all your ESA requirements, RotaDyne ensures that the ESA components are engineered to work together, maximizing your benefits from ESA.

The PS2400 power supply and RBC88 rotary contact have achieved ETL approval both individually and toghether as a system.  This approval complies with the standard for intrinsically safe apparatus for use in Class I, Division I, Group D hazardous locations (ANSI/NFPA/UL913).  All components are also available with Ex, CE, and other regional approvals.

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