Our PolyDamp™ roll covering is designed for both sheet-fed and web presses.  PolyDamp™ provides the lowest dampener speeds possible in an alcohol-free printing environment.

Designed especially for meter and slip rolls, PolyDamp™:

  • Reduces tracking, streaking, and ink feedback yielding quality printing.
  • Reduces down-time due to roller resetting.
  • Does not easily ink stain to ensure lifelong effectiveness.
  • Provides improved water film distribution for enhanced printing quality at lower dampener speeds.
  • Provides superior abrasion resistance for increased durability and longevity.
Question & Answer
What causes roller resetting?

Traditional offset rollers will shrink .002/.015″ and harden 4-10 Shore A points following installation.  To achieve low durometers that result in the softer rubber desired for optimal meter and slip rolls, large amounts of plasticizers must be added to the rubber compound.  Over time, plasticizers naturally migrate out of the rubber compound causing it to shrink and harden.  Frequent wash-ups, excess heat build-up, and certain water additives accelerate this process.  The result is increased downtime due to roller resetting.