Our revolutionary patented PowerFlex® oscillating ink form roller is proven to virtually eliminate repeats, ghosting, and ink starvation. It has oscillation control to less than 60% of vibrator motion for better ink shear and it eliminates the need to cock the image on the plate.

The patented locking feature conveniently lets you start and stop oscillation by simply turning an allen wrench adjustment. Our PowerFlex rollers are reliable, dependable, have a simple installation, and no bulky collars to move.

It reduces make-ready time, waste, operator stress, and overall downtime while increasing productivity, quality, ease of operation, and profitability.

  • Available for all two-piece can presses.
  • Designed for speeds up to 3500 feet per minute.
Need something specific? We customize.

Rollers built to your specification, custom compounded elastomers, decorative design, CNC machining, and more.  See how we are the perfect fit for your business.

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