Quadro-Flo® has a unique combination of hydrophilic coverings allowing for excellent water control while minimizing the effects of end swell and fatigue.  By utilizing Quadro-Flo® rollers, you will achieve immediate payback with better ink/water balance control, extended roller life, and increased run time.  Extended blanket life can be attained on presses that run full width webs.

Frequently replacing the water slip/metering rollers on your  M-3000, M-2000, M-1000, M-110, G-14, G16, G-24, or G-44 presses with a four roll dampening systems can consume up to 35% of your yearly roller budget.  With Quadro-Flo™ rollers you will save that budget instead.

Need something specific? We customize.

Rollers built to your specification, custom compounded elastomers, decorative design, CNC machining, and more.  See how we are the perfect fit for your business.

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