e-glass sleeveRotaDyne offers the latest in composite sleeve technology complete with coatings for a variety of printing and converting applications.  We specialize in a turnkey system that includes mandrels, sleeves, and coatings along with mount and dismount systems for new and existing installations.

We guarantee:

  • Accuracy of the printing surface
  • Cost savings in transportation, storage, and make-ready
  • Ease of operation
  • Non-slip performance
  • Operator safety
  • Durability for consistent reuse
  • Low consumption of air
  • Acceptance of any imaging system
  • Turnkey engineering from a single source

The RotaDyne Sleeve System is designed with a focus on excellence, and is the product of 80 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing.  It functions using simple pneumatics and contemporary composite technologies.

The mandrel is specifically engineered for operator safety.  Our mandrel is NOT a pressure vessel like other mandrels on the market today.  Due to this unique design, our air consumption is minimal.  It will NOT starve your plant air system and cause pressure drops.  If weight is a factor for handling or for increased machine performance, composite construction may be specified instead of steel.

The sleeve is available in standard e-glass or conductive carbon fiber, and of either parallel or tapered design.  All our composite sleeves are substantially more durable than nickel sleeves, and offer non-slip performance combined with a considerable cost savings both the printer and the converter.  We recommend tapered sleeves for higher PLI applications, with parallel sleeves working well in lower PLI ranges.

Coatings can be specified for your particular application.  They a full range of polymers for coating, laminating, flexo, or gravure as well as polyurethane and metallic options.  Coatings for ESA or static dissipation can also be specified.

Whether new equipment or existing retrofit, all systems are custom engineered to your requirements.  We can provide systems engineering allowing you to mount and dismount sleeves directly from your equipment, allowing extremely quick make ready and further operational cost savings.  Additionally, we offer an individual stand used for mounting and dismounting the sleeve from the mandrel when it is not in your press or converting machine.

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